As Twitchy told you, 20th Century Fox recently released a statement to confirm that Jussie Smollett is not being written off “Empire,” despite, you know, almost certainly faking a hate crime and obstructing justice.

And now, some tweeters can’t help but notice a difference in the way Smollett’s being dealt with and the way another popular TV star’s racial run-in was handled:

What Roseanne said was awful and disgusting, but it didn’t go any further than ugly words. Her offense absolutely pales in comparison to what Smollett has done. So why did ABC give Roseanne the steel-toed boot while Fox is standing by Smollett?

To be clear, these are two different networks we’re dealing with. But the double standard at play is still pretty glaring. Hollywood’s earned a reputation for hypocrisy, and this won’t do them any favors.

The backlash against Roseanne was fueled in no small part by media firefighters. The same ones who bent over backwards to defend Smollett despite his story being full of holes from the start.

Something certainly smells rotten.