As Twitchy told you earlier, Nancy Pelosi said she had a “conversation” with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar over the latters most recent anti-Semitic remarks:

Oh, to have been a fly on that wall …

Apparently this is the “apology” we’ve all been waiting for:

She also reaffirms her anti-Semitism and all-around batsh*ttery.

She’s learned so much, guys. Namely that the Jews are way too powerful.

She’s been educated in that she’s finding new ones to use every day.

At least this time, she threw in the NRA for good measure:

We’ve seen a lot of garbage apologies in our day, but this one has to rank as one of the worst.

She’s not sorry for anything she said. And we don’t accept her B.S. apology.





‘Holy crap’! Looks like Ilhan Omar’s all set to dial her anti-Semitism up to eleven