As Twitchy told you, Virginia AG Mark Herring admitted today that he, too, had dressed in blackface in his younger days. Not a good look for Democrats, but the New York Times was still on it, God bless ’em:

It’s pretty clear what they’re thinking: “Mark Herring did something racist but he’s a Democrat so we’ve got to try and spin this so it doesn’t look as bad as it actually looks.”


Like clockwork. Though someone at the New York Times eventually wised up:

They still haven’t gotten it quite right:

That’s sarcasm, by the way. Because if you went by just the headline, you’d never know that Herring is a Democrat. You might not even know it if you read the article:

Mr. Herring released a statement saying that he dressed like the rapper Kurtis Blow, an acknowledgment that deepens the crisis in the state’s Democratic Party.

They just couldn’t quite bring themselves to say, “Mark Herring is a Democrat.”

Almost had it, New York Times!