Ralph Northam’s reputation has taken a hit since that whole blackface-KKK photo bombshell dropped, but some new polling suggests that not everyone is ready to bail on him just yet:

It’s important to note that the “post-controversy” effect was measured by polling 291 Virginia voters and comparing those results to a survey last month of 4,326 Virginia voters. Morning Consult also notes that the margin of error is six percent. But still. Notice anything?

Seems noteworthy, no?

Well, maybe they’re willing to overlook some of Northam’s flaws as long as he’s willing to advance their agenda.

Did any Democrats who soured on Northam do so because of his infanticide remarks? Or was it solely after the racist photo emerged?

We’re curious as well. But one thing’s for sure: The idea that Northam could still enjoy the support of 50 percent of Virginia Democrats after the week he’s had doesn’t speak terribly well of Democratic priorities.