Wow. We’ve really misjudged Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. See, this whole past week, we’ve been giving him a hard time for endorsing infanticide and posing in racist photos, but as it turns out, he’s really just a victim of Republican operatives:

Oh. Well. In that case …

We think that’s what they were going for, yeah. And Twitter seems to agree. They’ve turned the WSJ’s scoop in to an official Twitter Moment:

Is that somehow supposed to make us more sympathetic to Northam?

Yep, that one.

Big League Politics is nothing if not super-sketchy. But that doesn’t change the fact that the bombshell they dropped about that racist photo was legit. Ralph Northam gladly posed in a racist photo, and no amount of deflection can change that.

And lest anyone need reminding, Ralph Northam defended the murder of babies.