Tom Nichols has been going off the rails for some time now, but even we’re a little surprised that he’s decided to fight Trump by downplaying some Democrats’ increasingly open advocacy for infanticide:

Coordinated messaging? This isn’t just Trump operatives and blue-checks sounding the alarm over pro-abort radicalism. Plenty of regular people — including conservative Trump critics — who aren’t as busy and important as Tom Nichols are incredibly disturbed by what they see as a growing culture of death.

It really is.

And it’s pretty clear where Nichols’ priorities are.

Don’t like Trump? Fine. There’s plenty not to like (including his past praise of Planned Parenthood, if we’re on the subject of abortion). But pretending that an unabashed embrace of state-sanctioned infanticide is a “made-up” crisis is incredibly disingenuous, not to mention morally repugnant. Forget the Death of Expertise; we’re witnessing the Death of Integrity.