Hey, did you guys know that the media have a problem? See, as it turns out, they’re trying too hard to “bend over backward to appear evenhanded.”

No, really. The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan actually believes that:

That narrative seemed to hold both sides accountable for the standoff, but “it put the thumb on the scales for Trump in an insidious way,” he pointed out, because it didn’t allow for a reasonable judgment about whether one side was actually being “more legitimate, mature and considered under the circumstances than the other.”

Even the cable news panels that purport to express opposing views are part of the damaging both-sides syndrome. A view from the left, a view from the right, and repeat. But take the average, and you’re right back in the comfortable, unilluminating middle.

Why do journalists and news organizations insist on doing this? I think the answer is pretty clear.

It’s because they want to appear fair without taking any chances.

Excuse us while we go look for new keyboards. We just ruined ours when we spat out our drinks.

For what it’s worth, though, journalist David Uberti thinks Sullivan’s onto something:

But Soledad O’Brien would like to take it further:

Bless her heart. Just bless it.

So basically, Soledad O’Brien is full of crap. What else is new?

She seems determined to erase any semblance of sanity she ever had.