GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin is disturbed by Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s appointment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee:

Apparently his concern is actually an “Islamophobic dog whistle”:

Naturally, Omar’s only too happy to spin this as Islamophobia … and use it to paint herself as stunning and brave:

Or maybe he’s just worried about the reality of having an unabashed anti-Zionist and anti-Semite in a position of power when it comes to foreign affairs.

Omar’s an anti-Semitic bigot who has indeed expressed sympathy for Islamist terrorists.

There’s that, too.

She may be able to fool her legions of ignorant followers, but she can’t fool us.

Ilhan Omar’s no victim; she’s a monster.



OMG, you guys. We were all wrong about Ilhan Omar. She’s not a bigot; she’s totally hip and cool and everything:

Wow, she sure told him!

* * *


Will Omar have a witty response to this?