As Twitchy told you, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam dropped all pretense of the pro-choice movement being about “women’s health” when he flat-out advocated for infanticide this morning.

Anyone who listened to Northam’s explanation of Virginia Democrats’ proposed Repeal Act legalizing third-trimester abortions knew exactly what he was saying. But CNN natsec and legal analyst Susan Hennessey is doing her damnedest to spin on Northam’s behalf:

“The Right” is claiming that he said an infant born alive can still be killed if the doctors and mother decide to kill it because that’s what he effing said.


Susan Hennessey knows exactly what Northam was saying. She just doesn’t want to admit that pro-lifers have been right all along about pro-aborts’ true mission.



Hennessey still thinks she’s got the upper hand in this debate:

Thanks, Susan.

What can she say? She’s desperate.

His actual positions seem to be that he doesn’t see much of a problem with letting an infant who survived an abortion die right there on the table.