The Washington Post may want to consider expanding their fact-checking team, because from the looks of things, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is gonna be churning out even more material.

As Twitchy told you, over the weekend, standup comedian Mohanad Elshieky tweeted about a recent harrowing experience with ICE agents:

Unsurprisingly, the thread quickly went viral and caught Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s attention:

Give her credit for this much: She never passes up a golden opportunity to very publicly bash ICE. Too bad that this time, like so many others, she was wrong.

She was so eager to stake out a moral high ground that she apparently missed this later tweet from Elshieky:

So … it wasn’t ICE after all? And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ran with it anyway? Go figure!

Doesn’t care? Hell, they love her for it!

Guess she was morally right when she voted to fund ICE earlier this month, too.

This friggin’ gal.