It’s good to know that even in the most tumultuous of times, we can always count on Florida Man to deliver the goods:

More from the Tallahassee Democrat:

The photos obtained by the Tallahassee Democrat were shown to the Governor’s Office on Thursday morning. Hours later it issued a statement.

“The governor accepted Secretary Ertel’s resignation,” the Governor’s Office said.

Now, it’s worth noting that Ertel has apparently changed quite a bit since he posed for those photos:

Ertel has a long record of expanding voting rights and registering people to vote. The city of Longwood gave him a Martin Luther King Jr. award for registering voters. In 2012, Ertel spoke out against Scott’s purge of so-called non-citizens from the voter rolls, saying many of those who were purged were actually eligible voters.

Ertel also has won international awards for his plans to restore voter confidence and trust in the elections system.

But still. This is not a good look. Literally.