There’s definitely been no shortage of horrendously awful leftist takes on the Covington controversy, but this one from The Root deserves special mention. Because even in the midst of very stiff competition, it’s among the worst we’ve seen so far:

Unfortunately, this unhinged screed is way too long for us to post in its entirety, so we’ll just show you how it ends:

Thank you, Covington Catholic.

Thank you for showing that any person of color in America who has ever protested has faced this kind of scorn. Thank you for showing that white boys intimidating others is a longstanding American tradition.

But most of all, thank you for reminding America that there is one untouchable, unassailable thing in this country — white boys. And whether it’s Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump or a bushel of high school Klansmen-in-training, if anyone ever makes the mistake of blaming them for their black-hearted hate, they will be forced to apologize.

God bless the National Championship white supremacist squad from Covington Catholic High School for giving us this much-needed history lesson.

And may God bless the still racist, always “great,” past, present, and future white boys of the United States of America.

Based on that, you can probably work your way backwards and get a good idea of how the preceding paragraphs went.