Earlier today, MSNBC decided to invite tribal rights attorney Tara Houska to weigh in on the Covington Catholic kids vs. Nathan Phillips controversy:

Unfortunately, in their attempt to bolster their credibility on the media’s coverage of this mess, MSNBC only shot themselves in the foot. Because all Houska brought to the discussion was a super-sketchy account of what happened:

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

Tribal rights lawyer Tara Houska was an organizer of the Indigenous People’s March and said she was there Friday with members of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I., Vt.) office to film a video about the plights facing indigenous women.

“I saw the elder that was there, Nathan Phillips, and the people around him, but I didn’t realize what would end up happening, which was them surrounding him, chanting ‘build the wall,’ and a youth standing directly in his face, in a very leering, aggressive manner,” she said.

“You had walked away prior to that point happening,” MSNBC host Hallie Jackson said.

“I personally kind of felt unsafe,” Houska said, saying she felt the “energy in the air change” and had asked a man to escort her away.

Oh, she felt the energy in the air change? Well, in that case … she’s still full of crap.

Why is MSNBC still running with this narrative?



Holy cow, MSNBC is still running with this:

Just keep digging, MSNBC.