As lefty blue-checks and randos alike rush to delete their gun-jumping tweets about those racist, white supremacist, MAGA-hat-wearing Covington Catholic kids, über-feminist writer Jessica Valenti for some reason hasn’t tried to memory-hole hers yet.

Which, as it turns out, is good news for us, because we can see once again that she’s off her rocker and should not be taken seriously as a serious person on anything ever:

Don’t stop now, Jessica. You’re on a roll:

Because it wouldn’t be an unhinged Jessica Valenti rant without somehow bringing abortion into the mix.

Mustn’t forget the masculinity-shaming! She’s covered all her bases. They’re all wrong, of course … but hey, at least she’s thorough in her insanity.

If Jessica Valenti were capable of shame, she’d dedicate her Twitter feed to apologizing profusely for latching onto and running with a completely false narrative for the express purpose of perpetuating bigotry against white men (and shilling for abortion, natch).