Earlier this week, Meghan McCain did what few in the media have been willing to do and took Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory to task for not only refusing to condemn Louis Farrakhan, but actively supporting him.

And apparently, according to Sophie Ellman-Golan, Women’s March deputy comms director — and member of something called “Confront White Womanhood” — that’s a very bad thing:

Yeah, how dare Meghan McCain as a white, Christian woman stand in solidarity with Jews against anti-Semites like Tamika Mallory!

We’re honestly not sure Sophie knows what she’s saying. She doesn’t come off as especially sane or coherent.

That’s pretty effed up, Sophie.

It’s a hot mess.

Seems pretty safe to say that Sophie’s got some serious issues. When you claim to be part of the “Jewish Resistance” but are so far up the Women’s March’s butt that you’re genuinely pissed off at someone defending Jews, it might be time to re-evaluate your life choices.

What a novel idea!