As Twitchy told you, GOP Rep. Steve King is under heavy fire — deservedly so — for straight-up defending white nationalism and white supremacy in a recent interview with the New York Times.

There’s no shortage of ways to go after King for this. But leave it to actor-comedian Patton Oswalt to figure out how not to do it:

Oswalt’s referring to Rashida Tlaib being criticized for telling a cheering crowd about the time she vowed to “impeach the motherf*cker”:

Does Oswalt honestly believe that’s why so many conservatives have a problem with Tlaib?

Just this week, Tlaib dusted off the blatantly anti-Semitic dual-loyalty accusation:

Which happens to be a favorite of — you guessed it! — white supremacists. And Tlaib’s got plenty more anti-Semitism where that came from. So she actually checks one of the white supremacists’ biggest boxes. If anything, she and King should be besties.

Hey, don’t forget about Ilhan Omar!

Plenty of conservatives today are once again demanding that King be sent packing over these remarks. The same can’t be said for liberals when it comes to Rashida Tlaib. Not that we haven’t asked them to; they just don’t care.

Editor’s note: We’ve removed a deleted tweet from this post and amended the related text accordingly.