Poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! All she ever wanted was for people to pay attention to her and hang on her every word. But now that she’s been sworn in and people are paying [more] attention to her and hanging [more] on her every word, she wishes they’d just lay off.

Since her critics don’t seem to be swayed by her tantrums, maybe actress Zoe Kazan can make a little more headway:

Oh, well. In that case …

Definitely nope.

Sorry, but she’s handling it like an entitled brat who demands respect despite beclowning herself on a daily basis. She’s ignorant on even the most basic policy issues and lies as effortlessly as she breathes. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being shamed, all right. And she absolutely deserves it.

She is an example of none of those things. But we’ll gladly continue to make an example of her as someone for young women not to emulate. Chronic victimhood is not empowering; it’s just pathetic.

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