You know, maybe we’ve been too hard on the Women’s March leadership. We never truly understood what they were up against, until this woman shined a spotlight on what’s really been going on:

Brace yourselves, folks. Because this is big:

I firmly believe Vladimir Putin is behind the campaign to tear apart the Women’s March.

Evidence is abundantly clear that the spike in anti-Semitism in our society is emanating not from the Women’s March, but from violent white supremacist men and their white women supporters, aided and abetted by Vladimir Putin and Republicans. Violent white nationalism in on the rise in Europe, the United States, and in Latin America.

Vladimir Putin wants nothing more than to fracture the Women’s March because we are the biggest threat to white nationalism.

That’s right: It’s not the rampant, insidious anti-Semitism that’s tearing the Women’s March apart; it’s Vladimir Putin.



She’s playing right into Vladimir’s hands!