As Twitchy told you, the New York Times recently caught up on current events and covered the anti-Semitism that’s infested the Women’s March since its earliest days. Jewish Voice for Peace executive director Rebecca Vilkomerson, for one, was pretty disturbed by the revelations. Not because of the anti-Semitism, mind you, but because these exposés make the Women’s March leadership look bad. And really, once you get to know them, they’re just nice people who are just trying to empower women (except white Jewish women, who don’t need to be empowered).

Well, go figure: Über-feminist Jill Filipovic thinks Vilkomerson is really onto something with this.

But we can abide some bigotry:

They’re trying so hard, you guys.

Ah, so it’s the “right-wing spin machine” who’s responsible for the anti-Semitism that’s permeated the Women’s March? Funny, we thought that was the anti-Semitic Women’s March leadership’s fault.

That’s true. Anyone who didn’t have their head buried in the sand has known that Tamika Mallory’s been a rabid anti-Semite for a while now.

Where does she come up with this stuff?

Any “attacks from the right” against the Women’s March leadership’s anti-Semitism were justified. Filipovic’s attempt to paint conservative criticism of the Women’s March as motivated by a desire to tear down women is disingenuous and dishonest.

Would she ever grant conservative women leaders the chance for “grace and evolution” that she’s asking us to give the anti-Semites driving the Women’s March? We’re gonna go out on a limb and say no. Why can’t she just admit that anti-Semitic maggots like Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory are anti-Semitic maggots who make progressive feminists look even worse? Filipovic seems genuinely afraid to just admit the truth, which makes it awful hard to take her seriously as anyone other than a run-of-the-mill partisan hack.