You may think Planned Parenthood is all about killing babies, but you’d be mistaken. See, they’re all about empowering women and protecting their rights:

Well, unless you work for them:

More from the New York Times:

In interviews and legal documents, women at Planned Parenthood and other organizations with a feminist bent described discrimination that violated federal or state laws — managers considering pregnancy in hiring decisions, for example, or denying rest breaks recommended by a doctor.

And at Planned Parenthood, the country’s leading provider of reproductive services, managers in some locations declined to hire pregnant job candidates, refused requests by expecting mothers to take breaks and in some cases pushed them out of their jobs after they gave birth, according to current and former employees in California, Texas, North Carolina and New York.

Tight budgets sometimes created punishing workplace conditions, employees said. A dozen lawsuits filed against Planned Parenthood clinics in federal and state courts since 2013 accused managers of denying workers rest periods, lunch breaks or overtime pay, or retaliating against them for taking medical leave.

Read the whole thing. It’s certainly illuminating.

We’re not surprised by the story, but we are almost impressed by Planned Parenthood head Leana Wen’s attempt to get out in front of this mess.

Check this action out:

“Pregnant people.”

Can’t wait for her to insist that increased taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood will fix this widespread mistreatment of pregnant employees. Oh, wait. Here it is:

Send us more money so we can murder more babies and hire more women to mistreat!

Planned Parenthood has never really been concerned about women’s welfare. Why start now?

Yeah, who’d’a thunk?