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Writer Kyle Mustain is doing the Lord’s work with this piece:

I wanted to find out how straight guys jerking off with other straight guys works psychologically, so I used BateWorld’s user-created polling questionnaires—one of the site’s most popular features—to get consensus opinions and facts from other members of the site. But before I started posting my own surveys, I perused some that were pertinent to my objective. For instance, one asks simply, “Is mutual masturbation gay?” and the poll gives voters only two options:

“No. Being homosexual is an attraction. You can bond and bate with a bro and not want a homosexual relationship.”

“Yes. Any interaction with same sex genitals is a homosexual act.”

The results of “Is mutual masturbation gay?” were 465 to 100 that mutual masturbation is not gay. The answer to that simplistic poll becomes more interesting when you compare it with the results of “Stopping at the Threshold of Gayness,” which has 18 options for answers. The top two answers for what makes a person gay were “kissing another guy” and “becoming emotionally involved with a male sex partner.” So according to these responders, touching a c*ck isn’t gay; lips touching lips is gay; and for that matter, heart touching heart is really gay.

Doesn’t get much more hard-hitting than that.

We know, right?

One big circle of jerks, if you will.