Gas up the van, Alyssa Milano! Look who’s apparently gearing up to try for a comeback:


Since losing that epic contest last year, Ossoff has tried to keep up his profile. He crisscrossed Atlanta’s suburbs to support legislative candidates, including several who worked on his campaign.

He’s called on Abrams to challenge Perdue in two years though he hasn’t ruled out his own bid. And he penned a lengthy op-ed in The Guardian newspaper, criticizing the $1 million that Nuclear Matters has spent in support of a Republican incumbent in the race for Public Service Commission.

Ossoff was dodgy about direct questions about his next step, saying he would “think really carefully” before making up his mind.

Oh, we’re sure he will.

No, no! This could be a legit comedy gold mine. If anything, we need to encourage Jon Ossoff to run.

It’s gonna be lit, y’all.

Hey, that’s true! But why stop at the Senate?