In case you missed it, Donald Trump has appointed Heather Nauert to replace Nikki Haley as U.N. Ambassador. According to the Washington Post’s Philip Bump, that’s extra-noteworthy because Nauert formerly worked for Fox News.

See, Bump can’t help but remark on the number of Fox News-affiliated individuals who serve or have served in the Trump administration:

That’s a remarkable bit of interplay between the administration and the network that is also the only one Trump has praised regularly since taking office, the one he watches the most and the one that’s the most popular with his base.

But the interplay of Fox News employees and contributors with the Trump administration and campaign certainly doesn’t end with Nauert, Shine and Hicks. At least 12 people have moved between the two worlds at some point since Trump’s inauguration.

Wow. Twelve people. That’s definitely remarkable … because, as Ari Fleischer points out, it’s significantly fewer media personalities than Barack Obama picked up in his administration:

Well, fancy that. According to our calculations, that’s a lot more than 12.

Thirty is definitely greater than 12.

Except he did. Remember Samantha Power? Former journalist.

It’s fine if you think it’s weird that several Fox News personalities have signed on with the Trump administration. But your finger-pointing doesn’t mean much if you didn’t say a word when Barack Obama pulled the same kind of thing.

Parting food for thought:

True story.

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