Marc Lamont Hill has spent his life fighting anti-Semitism, you guys. Under such deep cover, evidently, that one could very easily mistake his comments for rabid anti-Semitism:

Take a listen to these remarks from this past September:

As Elder of Ziyon points out:

The slander that Jews poison the water of non-Jews is a classic antisemitic blood libel that Jew-haters have been pushing since the Black Death of 1348.
Hill is not only accusing Jews of poisoning the water but also of deliberately murdering Palestinian children.
If a far-right personality would say these things, the Left would be merciless on how this is absolute proof of antisemitism.  Guess what? This is bona fide proof of Marc Lamont Hill’s antisemitism.

But let Marc Lamont Hill be clear: He’s not an anti-Semite. No sirree.



Here’s video of Hill’s anti-Semitic remarks … plus a few extra goodies:

Good Lord.


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