And on today’s episode of “Lefty Celebs Say the Darnedest Things,” Mark Ruffalo is using his pull to gin up support for anti-Semitic professor and ex-CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill:

Nice try, Mark Ruffalo, but no. Hell no. Marc Lamont Hill wasn’t “advocating for human rights”; he was advocating for the destruction of Israel and the eradication of the Jewish people from the Middle East. Ruffalo is asking his followers to stand in solidarity with a man who stands in solidarity with terrorist groups like Hamas.

To be fair, Ruffalo has repeatedly demonstrated himself to be colossally ignorant on just about everything. So it’s entirely possible that he just wholeheartedly buys into Hill’s spin. Ruffalo certainly doesn’t seem to have read the petition he’s sharing:

No, seriously (emphasis theirs):

The next day — under pressure from right-wing leaders and the Jewish establishment — CNN fired him.


Unfortunately, the ADL already vilified Marc Lamont Hill for his criticism of Israeli policy. Once again we are seeing the American Jewish establishment censor conversations about Palestinian rights by falsely claiming antisemitism, and it is setting a terrifying precedent.

You sure hit a home run when you hitched your wagon to these folks, Mark.

In any event, advocating for a guy who wants Jews wiped off the map is not a good look.