You know, we’d actually respect S.E. Cupp a little bit if she’d just admit that she’s just not that into conservatives anymore. But as long as she continues to pretend she’s one of “many of us on the right,” we can’t do it.

Yesterday, Cupp scolded conservatives who remain skeptical that mankind bears most of the responsibility for climate change:

In her opinion piece, Cupp even undermines her own argument by acknowledging that the scientific community is still quite divided when it comes to both the causes and effects of climate change:

Many of us on the right have long acknowledged climate change is real, only to be harangued by liberal absolutists who refused to entertain any questions about what, exactly, we should do about it besides becoming vegans, signing meaningless international treaties and throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into solar sinkholes.

There was good reason for healthy skepticism. For example, numerous scientific projections about temperatures and sea levels did not bear out. Likewise, the rigors of science, by definition, have resulted in multiple revisions of once-certain conclusions. A 2006 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, for example, underestimated the effects of methane produced by livestock by a full 11%. And scientists are still divided on a great many things — like whether global warming is causing more hurricanes or just making them more intense.

Asking questions is the basis of the scientific method, and should never be dissuaded. Conservatives should continue to debate how to stanch the effects of deadly climate change and offer solutions that are both fiscally responsible and have a high expectation of efficacy.

She also acknowledges that a great deal of climate change research has been funded by groups who have a vested interest in findings that support the theory of man-made climate change:

Few in the media have bothered to find out whether that assertion is actually true. If they did, they’d see that a majority of climate-research funding comes either from the federal government or left-wing foundations.

And yet, despite this, conservatives who remain skeptical of climate change “science” are deluded? Please.

Plenty of conservatives are capable of acknowledging that climate change may in fact be happening without fully buying into the notion that it’s all our fault. As science has also told us, the earth’s climate has changed dramatically over the course of millennia. And if mankind is a part of that equation, we’re a very, very recent one.

We’ll conclude with this exit flashback:

Guess the check finally cleared.



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