Author and musician Mikel Jollett is sickened by the situation at the border. Not by the rock-throwing migrant thugs, mind you. But rather, by the notion that liberals melting down over our border patrol responding to violent behavior should put their money where their mouths are for a change:

They are indeed people. But what’s this “like us” business, Michael? Did you get into this country by attempting to storm the border and using women and children as human shields?

Also, we still didn’t see you offer to take any migrants in yourself, Mikel. Did you not have enough characters to fit that into your self-righteous tweet?

Well, Mikel?

So, expecting you to practice what you preach is racism now. Good to know.

It’s almost adorable when hardcore lefties like Mikel pretend to give a damn about innocent babies.

Who’s “we,” Mikel? Other privileged white people? According to the biography for Jollett’s band, The Airborne Toxic Event, Jollett was “raised on a commune in California, the son of two hippie parents.” That’s pretty white, Mikel. And not exactly typical of the immigrant experience. It’s cute that he thinks he’s got serious “huddled masses” cred, though.

He totally would, but virtue signaling takes up all his time and energy.

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