As Twitchy told you yesterday, Twitter recently suspended — and then permanently banned — Jesse Kelly. For what? Well, they never did say. But we feel pretty comfortable concluding that Kelly is just among the latest in a series of victims of Twitter’s double standard when it comes to acceptable speech.

This afternoon, GOP Sen. Ben Sasse, who himself has been on the receiving end of some of Kelly’s Twitter shots, called Twitter out for helping to set a “bad precedent” when it comes to free speech:

As some tweeters have pointed out in their responses to Sasse, Twitter is a private platform and it’s their prerogative to ban anyone they want to.

Yes, they can. But the issue is not their rules regarding speech; it’s their arbitrary enforcement of those rules.

If Twitter wants to ban users for “hate speech,” or whatever they want to call it, that’s fine. But then they need to clearly define what “hate speech” is and hold everyone to the same standard. Otherwise they’re admitting that they’re guilty of the bias of which they’re being quite credibly accused.

Amen to that.