Tired of the traditional Thanksgiving fare? Well, VICE is here to spice things up with the piping-hot pilgrim take you never knew you needed:

The article was originally published a year ago, but it’s just as fresh today as it was then.

Here, let Matt Baume explain:

As you sit down for turkey, corn, and arguments with relatives at Thanksgiving this year, take a moment to give thanks to Thomas Morton, who founded what could be considered America’s first queer hippie colony in 1625.

Today, Merrymount is a quiet neighborhood of Quincy, Massachusetts; residents explain that the name is an English translation of its original name, Passonagessit. But, bless their hearts, the truth may be more exciting. According to historians and original records, the pilgrims founded an unusually queer society—one that wasn’t straight-up accepting of all that queerness, per se, but had a more complicated relationship with it than you might think. In fact, as historians note, the name “Merrymount” can also refer to a Latin phrase meaning “erect phallus”—quite a coincidence, given the men erected an 80-foot pole in the center of town.

Though our modern understanding of sexuality would have been completely foreign to them, early European immigrants experienced same-sex attraction just as we do today, and they had queer sex, entered queer relationships, and formed queer households in ways that are surprisingly familiar.

Where would we be without VICE to teach us what our elementary school teachers failed to?

Unintentionally funny, but funny nonetheless.

That seems like a pretty fair characterization at this point.

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with this stuff.

Here’s a history lesson for VICE:

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