Generally speaking, it’s a very bad idea to hitch your wagon to the Obama Bros. Republican strategist — and outspoken Trump critic — Tim Miller learned that lesson the hard way.

Last week, Crooked Media — the outlet behind the Bros’ “Pod Save America” show — announced that Miller’s contributions to Crooked would be put on hold while they “[got] to the bottom of his company’s involvement in oppo research on Facebook critics:

Yesterday, they announced the results of their findings: Miller had to be terminated.

Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor are all about speaking truth to power. Unless the truth is too inconvenient for them. In that case, you’re on your own.

It is. But it’s not remotely surprising.

Exactly. Check out what Ashley Feinberg wrote last week in HuffPost after Crooked Media initial announcement:

Accepting Miller as a friendly face in liberal circles required a certain transient amnesia about what the Republican Party is and how Miller has served it. The effort of not knowing became a lot harder on Wednesday, when The New York Times published a blockbuster report that, among other unseemly details, revealed that Facebook had hired an opposition research firm to push back against anti-Facebook groups. The campaign exploited the anti-Semitism on the right, encouraging reporters “to explore the financial connections between [George] Soros’s family or philanthropies and groups that were members of Freedom from Facebook.”

But what about his involvement in their work? Miller’s presence on the Crooked team was a modern media spin on a familiar phenomenon: prominent liberals inviting the right-wing weasels into the living room, allegedly in the interest of getting a different perspective, the totally predictable result of which is an orgy of special pleading and whitewashing. These days, there are few better publicists for the forces of illiberalism than the establishment liberals who wish to appear broad-minded.

To be fair, the bros of Crooked Media aren’t wholly part of this same establishment liberal rot. They are far more humane and grounded than your average left-of-center D.C. politico. (I should mention here that I have appeared on Lovett’s podcast). They don’t really whine about civility. They don’t make meaningless calls for bipartisanship (in government, at least). And for the most part, they rarely punch left. But they do have a weakness common to liberal creatures of the D.C. professional political class: their token Never Trumper.

In the Left’s mind, the only good and acceptable Republican is a flaming liberal. Nothing less will be tolerated.

Why does any Republican, #NeverTrump or otherwise, out there think they’re ultimately immune from the Left’s wrath?

Miller’s learned a hard lesson here. Other Republicans who think the Left will protect them would be wise to learn from his mistake.

Duly noted.

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