What’s that thing they say about hindsight?

Well, geez. We could’ve told you that, Slate. Actually, we tried to. Again and again. Michael Avenatti was a piece of sh*t long before his domestic violence arrest.

Christina Cauterucci concludes:

While it’s fair to call his recent loss of esteem a downfall, Avenatti should never have risen to such great heights in the first place. A resistance folk hero with staying power would have recognized that Daniels’ story, not his own, should remain at the center of any publicity push. But this is a guy who dropped his motion to represent Daniels in the federal investigation of Michael Cohen rather than give up his ability to trash Cohen on cable news. Someone that deeply in love with his own voice will never be inclined to make room for someone else’s.

All we can say about that is … duh.

Clearly there’s a lesson here for the Resistance. Just don’t count on them to actually learn it.

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