You know, a little intellectual consistency would go a long way at CNN. They’re not exactly dripping with credibility over there, and stuff like this from Chris Cillizza does them absolutely zero favors:

Does Donald Trump have a tendency to spout off without getting the full story? Absolutely. But that shouldn’t bother Chris Cillizza, because Chris does the same thing.

Of course not. Because narrative.

In Georgia, Stacey Abrams has refused to accept defeat and Dems have been screeching about voter suppression without any conclusive proof that Brian Kemp or the Georgia GOP is guilty of any foul play. Contrast that with what we’ve seen out of Florida, for example, where Broward and Palm Beach County election officials have made a colossal mess of things and have actively sought to conceal information about ballot totals.

He really believes that:

The point here is that in both circumstances, Trump is yelling “FRAUD” despite a decided lack of evidence to that end. What appears to be happening — in both Florida and Arizona — is that the election law is being followed.

Except it’s not, Chris.

Whatever happened to #FactsFirst, Chris?