With Heidi Heitkamp’s election prospects not looking too good, North Dakota Democrats are understandably getting desperate. But this seems pretty low:

More from Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog:

I reached out to Democrats about the ad, asking what facts they’re basing this claim that hunters may lose their licenses for voting on. The Democrats typically don’t respond to my inquiries, however.

I contacted Secretary of State Al Jaeger and asked if he’d ever heard of this claim before. “No,” he told me. “We’re not involved at all in the requirements for getting a hunting license. A question like what you have needs to be directed to the Game & Fish Department. I doubt that there’s any connection.”

“We’ve never heard of that,” Randy Meissner, the licensing manager for North Dakota Game & Fish, told me when I contacted him and read him the text of the ad. I sent him the links and screenshots for the ad and he said he was going to run the claim by his administration.

At best, this ad is deeply irresponsible. And a bit hypocritical coming as it does at a time when North Dakota Democrats are accusing the Republican legislative majority in the state of trying to suppress Native American votes with voter ID requirements.

Head over to SayAnythingBlog to see the ad for yourselves.

So where’s the outrage from the usual suspects crying “voter suppression”?

They should be all over this. Unless, of course, their outrage is selective. But that couldn’t be!



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