As Twitchy told you, NBC has reportedly given Megyn Kelly the boot following comments she made about darkening one’s skin in order to dress up as someone of a different race on Halloween. For many of her critics, Kelly’s comments amounted to “defending blackface.”

Well, we have no doubt that NBC execs are pretty darn proud of themselves for nipping this problematic problem in the bud. That’s just how they roll over there. Putting out fires as soon as they start.

Or … not. As Comfortably Smug so snarkily illustrates, the Megyn Kelly dust-up only shines a glaring spotlight on NBC’s messed-up priorities:

Give yourselves a big hand, NBC. You’ve really covered yourselves in glory the past several years.

Thank goodness.

If only she’d thought of that. Oh well. Hindsight’s 20/20.

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