Earlier this week, a letter that said it contained ricin was delivered to the home of GOP Sen. Susan Collins. Given the vitriol Collins has faced as a result of her defense of Brett Kavanaugh, it should come as no surprise that whoever is behind the letter referred to Collins’ vote to confirm Kavanaugh:

More from WABI:

About 1 o’clock, I went and picked up the mail like I do most days,” said [Collins’ husband Thomas] Daffron. “I walked back in the kitchen, separated Susan’s out and threw the rest of the junk mail away, and I open this one letter which was addressed to me, and I thought it was some kind of a solicitation or something, and I started reading it, and it was fairly antagonistic toward Susan and got halfway down and I saw the word ricin, that there was ricin residue on this letter. So I took it out. I put it in a plastic bag and called the police.”

“Tom sent me pictures and I saw all these people in Hazmat suits coming in and out of the house,” said Collins. “He was wearing one. And I learned that he, our dog, and parts of our house, including the kitchen, were quarantined. And obviously it was of considerable concern to me”.

Daffron says the letter made reference to the Kavanaugh vote – an issue that landed Collins in the national spotlight.

“I mean there’s absolutely no reason to have this level of vitriol over a single vote,” he said. “I think that we’ve been sort of surprised by the very strong feelings on both sides. We have to…this is our home. We want to live here, we want to live our life like everybody else. And you know if we have to worry about every car that goes down the street, then it becomes a very difficult situation.”

There is absolutely no excuse for threatening someone — politician or otherwise — like this.

So do we.

Meanwhile, for what it’s worth: