We know we’re probably not supposed to laugh at this, but we can’t help it.

Serious, you guys. PEN America executive director Susan Nossel writes:

President Donald J. Trump’s frequent threats and hostile acts directed toward journalists and the media are not only offensive and unbecoming of a democratic leader; they are also illegal. In the Trump era, nasty rhetoric, insults and even threats of violence have become an occupational hazard for political reporters and commentators. To be sure, a good portion of President Trump’s verbal attacks on journalists and news organizations might be considered fair game in this bare-knuckled political moment. The president has free-speech rights just like the rest of us, and deeming the news media “the enemy of the American people” and dismissing accurate reports as “fake news” are permissible under the First Amendment.

But the First Amendment does not protect all speech. Although the president can launch verbal tirades against the press, he cannot use the powers of his office to suppress or punish speech he doesn’t like. When President Trump proposes government retribution against news outlets and reporters, his statements cross the line. Worse still, in several cases it appears that the bureaucracy he controls has acted on his demands, making other threats he issues to use his governmental powers more credible. Using the force of the presidency to punish or suppress legally protected speech strikes at the heart of the First Amendment, contravening the Constitution. Presidents are free to mock, needle, evade and even demean the press, but not to use the power of government to stifle it.

That is why this week PEN America, an organization of writers that defends free expression, together with the nonprofit organization Protect Democracy and the Yale Law School Media Freedom and Information Clinic, is filing suit in federal court seeking an order directing the president not to use the force of his office to exact reprisals against the press.

Donald Trump has certainly discussed taking action against the media … but thus far, his actions haven’t gone beyond insulting journalists. This “lawsuit” isn’t about fighting for free speech; it’s about self-righteous journalists seeking compensation for their bruised egos. Forgive us if we’re not exactly sympathetic to their plight.

It sure seems that way.

A lawsuit won’t restore the media’s integrity.

Yep. And they’ve got a selective outrage problem, too.

Last word to Comfortably Smug:

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