Ever get the feeling that some of the loudest “conservative” pundits aren’t all that, well, conservative? Well, you’re not alone.

As Twitchy told you last night, Ana Navarro — who for some reason continues to refer to herself as a conservative — urged voters not to get “distracted” by Democrats like Elizabeth Warren making complete asses of themselves. Because Democrats need to win elections, dammit!

Navarro’s hardly alone. Tweeter @alwaysonoffense has noticed a pattern, and he posted a series of hot takes on Elizabeth Warren’s deception from some more of the usual suspects:


Oh don’t worry. We’re sure he’s around here somewhere.

One would think.

So nice of these “conservatives” to do Democrats’ heavy lifting for them.

There are plenty of conservatives and Republicans who despise Trump but aren’t actively trying to help the Democrats win. If Ana Navarro and Co. would just come out as liberals and be done with it, we’d mock them for sure, but at least we’d be able to muster a shred of respect for them owning up to it. Instead, they’ve chosen to continue with their charade. And we’ve got zero respect for that.



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