As Twitchy told you, DNA analysis proves that Cherokee Warrior Princess Elizabeth Warren is actually none of those things. Think Warren’s bummed that the truth is out there? You should see the media. They’re beside themselves. Which is why today they’re rushing into the burning building that is Warren’s life to try to rescue her before she burns herself to a crisp.

Plenty of media have been going with the “strong evidence” spin in Warren’s favor. Others, like the NYT’s Nick Confessore, are trying to downplay Warren’s dishonesty, suggesting that Warren’s teeny-tiny bit of Native American blood should be good enough for the rest of us.

And then there’s this angle:

Who cares that Elizabeth Warren lied about her heritage in order to further her career? Who cares that she appropriated Native American culture to take advantage of opportunities that were meant to be afforded to minorities? Donald Trump says he never pledged $1 million to a charity if Warren took a DNA test, and that’s the real crime here.

Their efforts are working on at least some people:

Good Lord.

No one has suffered as a result of Donald Trump’s attempt to memory-hole his pledge (and it’s worth noting that Warren’s test results hardly show she held up her own end of the bargain). The same can’t be said for Warren’s dishonesty. Qualified Native Americans were passed over for career opportunities because Warren straight-up lied about her heritage.

If anyone should be donating money to charity, it’s Elizabeth Warren. She’s screwed enough people over with her lies. Time for her to make some reparations.

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Elizabeth Warren, possibly 1/1024th Native American, wants Trump to pay up on heritage bet (FAIL ensues)