Live from New York, it’s … another embarrassing piece of CNN self-beclownment.

No, really. Someone actually thought this take on Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation was not only worth publishing, but worth promoting:


Heck yeah, it is. And for some reason, “CNN Business Perspectives” is under the impression that this piece constitutes media analysis or something.

It’s pretty impressive so far:

CNN certainly deserves to get ratio’d for this.

That’s news to us.

That’s what we thought. But not according CNN media analyst Bill Carter, it seems:

It’s hard to imagine a more comprehensive takedown of a political figure than the one Saturday Night Live executed on Brett Kavanaugh in its season premiere last month, at a time when the judge’s fate seemed to be hanging in the balance.

Damon added several layers of ridicule to Kavanaugh’s angry, aggressive testimony before the Senate, presenting him as a sputtering, sniffing, weeping, beer-loving caricature of judicial temperament. In light of the sexual assault accusations against him, which he has denied, the sketch included an especially devastating line: “I’m not backing down. . . I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘stop.'”
And then, a few hours before the dress rehearsal of the show’s next episode, Kavanaugh was confirmed as a justice to the Supreme Court.

Can you imagine?!

It’s real, all right. And it’s spectacular … ly pathetic.