It seems the Tolerance M*b has struck again, this time in Manhattan:

That’s nice.

Indeed it does. But will the media denouncing Republicans’ and conservatives’ use of “the M word” admit it? Not likely. Especially given the apparent motivation for the vandalism:

McInnes’ flirtation with — if not outright embrace of — the Alt Right might not sit well with everyone, but dislike of his views is no excuse for vandalism.

Not in so many words … but it seems that the culprits are still justifying their actions by claiming their incivility stems from their “good conscience and clear mind.”

“Spineless partners-in-crime”? These thugs don’t seem to like the Democrats too much, either. So Dems might want to dial back on the whole inciting-violence thing a little.

Again: You don’t have to support or agree with McInnes’ views to know that vandalism is wrong. The sooner the Left realize this and call their own out for this crap, the better off we’ll all be.