Since Brett Kavanaugh’s emotionally charged testimony last week, the SCOTUS nominee has come under fire from lefties concerned that he might not have the temperament to serve on on our nation’s highest court. Because apparently you’re not allowed to show anger when you’re defending yourself from baseless allegations of gang rape.

Well anyway, last night, Brit Hume proposed a pretty radical suggestion concerning Brett Kavanaugh’s so-called “judicial temperament”:

You mean … look at Kavanaugh’s actual record? That’s just crazy talk.

What’s say we give it a whirl?

And speaking of backwards …

So Boot agrees with this, then:

Perhaps the collapse of modern conservatism came out most clearly in Kavanaugh’s own testimony—its self-pity, its hysteria, its conjuring up of conspiracies, its vindictiveness. He and his family had no doubt suffered agonies. But if we expect steely resolve from a police officer confronting a knife-wielding assailant, or disciplined courage from a firefighter rushing into a burning house, we should expect stoic self-control and calm from a conservative judge, even if his heart is being eaten out. No one watching those proceedings could imagine that a Democrat standing before this judge’s bench in the future would get a fair hearing. This was not the conservative temperament on display. It was, rather, personalized grievance politics.

OK, Max. Brit Hume will play ball: