Well, it looks like Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony tomorrow might actually happen:

And to that end, her team has released the text of her opening statement:

Alrighty then.

So seared into her memory that she can’t remember major details.

And what the hell is this?


Seriously, though. What the hell is this crap?

Good question.

We’ll leave you with Charles C.W. Cooke’s thoughts on the matter, which sum things up quite well:

In preparation for tomorrow’s hearing, Christine Blasey Ford has released her opening statement. Having read it, I’m struggling to see a path forward that doesn’t end in an impasse. Ford repeats her accusations against Kavanaugh but names no new witnesses and gives no new information. She also confirms that she did not name Kavanaugh as the alleged assailant to anyone “outside of therapy” “until July 2018” when she “saw press reports stating that Brett Kavanaugh was on the “short list” of potential Supreme Court nominees.”

Which is to say that we have an accusation that has not been corroborated by any of the named witnesses, all of whom have either said that it categorically did not happen, or that they do not know Brett Kavanaugh, or that they have no memory of any such party or event; that is strenuously denied by the accused; and that was not fleshed out to anyone other than the accuser’s husband until the day Kavanaugh’s name became national news. That strikes me as a recipe for disaster. What Christine Blasey Ford is alleging is unprovable either way, which means that this question will most likely come down to who is the most likable in front of a microphone. Prepare for a war of attrition.

Buckle up, folks.