As Twitchy told you, the Human Rights Campaign’s Charlotte Clymer made the weird argument — if you can even call it that — that Beto O’Rourke, unlike Ted Cruz, had never been run out of a restaurant by protesters. Apparently that speaks to O’Rourke’s integrity or something. It was almost as if Clymer thinks Ted Cruz had it coming to him.

Actually, that’s exactly what Clymer thinks:


Clymer’s demented gloating caught the attention of conservative commentator and National Review contributor Tiana Lowe.

Lowe may be a senior at USC, but she’s the one doing the schooling here. No wonder Clymer’s so pissy.

Come on, Charlotte.

Wow. Just … wow.

That would certainly explain why Clymer said it.

Clymer’s not just wrong; she’s a first-class jerk.

True story. Last word to Lowe:

Clymer should be thanking Lowe for showing her how to take the high road.

Maybe Clymer should stop screaming and give it a listen.

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