Virginia Hume was one of 65 woman who signed a letter attesting to Brett Kavanaugh’s good character late last week. For her troubles, she received a target on her back.

Some Real Journalists™ are now on a mission to impugn Hume’s character, and they’re using an exchange between Hume and Kavanaugh’s high school friend — and supposed witness to the alleged attempted sexual assault on Christine Blasey Ford — Mark Judge a few months back:

Clearly there’s a scandal here. The New Republic’s Jeet Heer can smell it from miles away:

Clearly Virginia Hume knew before anyone else that Brett Kavanaugh would be nominated to replace Anthony Kennedy and decided to joke about Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual predation on effing Twitter. You know, like ya do.

But muh narrative.

Give yourselves a big hand, MSM.