Stand by for a hot take on ThinkProgress vs. the Weekly Standard from Vox’s Gaza Bridge guy:

Zack Beauchamp writes:

And that’s what’s really going on in this debate. Liberals want to make it as clear as possible that Kavanaugh will likely vote to overturn Roe, as doing so will make it harder for him to be confirmed. Conservatives want to downplay the nominee’s social conservatism so he can make it past the Senate. The target audience for these articles is moderate senators: Millhiser’s original piece is subtitled “please pay attention, Susan Collins.”

So the dispute here isn’t actually about facts, but rather about how best to spin Kavanaugh’s public record to advance or defeat his nomination. The stakes in this fight are massive — the future of abortion rights in America — which naturally leads partisans to amp up the rhetoric, overstating the conclusiveness of an interpretation of testimony or labeling this debatable interpretation as flatly false.

Which makes it all the more strange that Facebook would empower a conservative outlet to censor liberals on its platform.

Actually, Zack, the dispute here is about facts — and how ThinkProgress couldn’t care less about them. Ian Millhiser and ThinkProgress lied about the facts, and the Weekly Standard called them out on it. You’re just pissed that the Left doesn’t get to be the sole arbiters of the truth.