If nothing else, the Left’s unhinged crusade against Brett Kavanaugh has been incredibly revealing. There is evidently no low to which they will not stoop to try to prevent the inevitable.

Over the weekend, morally reprehensible Sen. Kamala Harris tweeted out a deceptively edited video to make it look like Kavanaugh was referring to birth control as “abortion-inducing drugs”:

Make no mistake: Harris was lying through her teeth.

Today, it’s Harris’ Democratic colleague Tammy Duckworth’s turn:

We’ll say this much for Tammy Duckworth. She certainly uses a lot of words. Unfortunately for her, none of them prove her case about Brett Kavanaugh:

And I worry that rather than making progress, the hellish, relentless discrimination of pre-ADA America could become a reality once again for me and for millions of other people with disabilities if Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh has shown us what he believes about disabled Americans. In Tarlow v. D.C., he ruled that those with mental disabilities shouldn’t have the right to make medical decisions about their own bodies. In Baloch v. Kempthorne, he declared that businesses’ profits are more important than our health. And in Johnson v. Interstate Management Company, he decided that it’s okay for employers to discriminate against us, too.

The cases are different, the plaintiffs change, but one fact remains the same: Judge Kavanaugh’s rulings make clear that he’s just not concerned whether we’re able to go to school, get decent health care, eat at a restaurant like anyone else or even earn a livable wage.

Pathetic. But you do you, Tammy.

Don’t blame “our political culture” for Duckworth’s decision to lie; that one rests squarely on her shoulders.