David Frum is no fan of Donald Trump, but even he’s sounding the alarm about that “anonymous op-ed” in the New York Times:

It’s worth reading the whole piece (really), but here’s an excerpt:

But what the author has just done is throw the government of the United States into even more dangerous turmoil. He or she has enflamed the paranoia of the president and empowered the president’s willfulness.

What happens the next time a staffer seeks to dissuade the president from, say, purging the Justice Department to shut down the Mueller investigation? The author of the Times op-ed has explicitly told the president that those who offer such advice do not have the president’s best interests at heart, and are, in fact, actively subverting his best interests as he understands them on behalf of ideas of their own.

He’ll grow more defiant, more reckless, more anti-constitutional, and more dangerous.

And those who do not quit or are not fired in the next few days will have to work even more assiduously to prove themselves loyal, obedient, and on the team. Things will be worse after this piece. They will be worse because of this piece.

Love Trump or hate him, the fact remains that stunts like this “anonymous op-ed” will make things even more difficult than they already are.

The person who wrote that piece has a moral obligation to put their money where their mouth is and come forward. An obligation to both sides.