Dom Lucre is quickly making a name and presence for himself on social media, from tricking the Left into sharing threads about their own racism and anti-gun insanity to this interesting tweet/thread asking white people what their white privilege got them.

And as you likely already know, it didn’t get them very much.

The responses to Dom’s tweet really speak for themselves, don’t you think?

With the cost of eggs? Dude, that IS privilege.


And let’s hear it for the Chinese spy balloon!

Everything is shipping more slowly these days, we’re sure it will show up eventually.


Awww, that’s the best. Especially when the Left decided white women were the REAL problem behind racism because we don’t keep our evil white men in check and let them tell us how to vote and be racist and stuff.

No, really.

Their little tiny Lefty brains think like that.

Sadly, all too common.

Ain’t that grand?


This privilege stuff doesn’t sound so hot.

OOPSIE, our bad.


We see what they did here.

Annnd now that song is stuck in our heads.

Gosh, you know, we’re not experts or anything but other than a couple of responses about some good stuff, white privilege sucks.

A lot.

And you know, that means it’s not really a privilege.



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