With Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation looking pretty inevitable, media firefighters have gotta pull out all the stops to try and stop it. Here’s today’s effort from the Washington Post:

More from the Washington Post:

Brett Kavanaugh wrote in a strikingly explicit 1998 memo that he was “strongly opposed” to giving then-President Bill Clinton any “break” in the independent counsel’s questioning about his sexual relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, according to a document released Monday.

In the memo, Kavanaugh, who worked as an associate counsel for independent counsel Ken Starr and is now President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, laid out several proposed questions, including, “If Monica Lewinsky says that you inserted a cigar into her vagina while you were in the Oval Office area, would she be lying?”

The memo was written Aug. 15 to Starr and “All Attorneys,” with the subject line: “Slack for the President?” It was Kavanaugh’s advice for the type of questioning for Clinton that would occur by Starr’s associates, who were trying to determine whether the president had committed perjury in a civil suit.

“After reflecting this evening, I am strongly opposed to giving the President any ‘break’ in the questioning regarding the details of the Lewinsky relationship” unless he “resigns” or “confesses perjury,” Kavanaugh wrote, continuing: “He has required the urgent attention of the courts and the Supreme Court for frivolous privilege claims — all to cover up his oral sex from an intern. He has lied to his aides. He has lied to the American people. He has tried to disgrace you and the Office with a sustained propaganda campaign that would make Nixon blush.”

Can you guys believe that Brett Kavanaugh would’ve asked sexually explicit questions about a man who did sexually explicit things in the Oval Office? Quick! Fetch us our pearls so we can clutch them! We must clutch our pearls! 

It’s almost as if the Washington Post is trying to make Brett Kavanaugh the bad guy here.


One would think.

Yep. It really does seem like media outlets have decided it’s worth shedding any semblance of objectivity because taking Brett Kavanaugh down is such a noble cause.

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