As Twitchy told you, a debate between Gina Loudon and CNN commentator Angela Rye about White House diversity quickly turned ugly — thanks entirely to Rye. But one particular exchange is worth special attention, if only to shine a glaring light on the kind of woman Rye is:

It’s one thing to read the Daily Caller’s account of Rye’s reaction; it’s another thing entirely to actually see and hear it.

What is it with lefties using children to fight their battles? Not only are kids just props to them, but they’re weapons to attack ideological opponents. God forbid someone like Angela Rye rebut Loudon’s arguments with at least an attempt at civil discourse, instead of sneering condescension at the expense of an innocent child.

Maybe Rye’s just pissed off that Loudon’s child wasn’t aborted like so many others with Down syndrome.